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Complaint processes automation.

Oprogramowanie CRM Program do rejestracji reklemacji

RMA system supports handling complaint processes

Why is it worth having an RMA system? Pros and benefits.

Almost every service-based company is obligated to process complaints from their customers. The RMA system is an alternative to flooded, slowly working email boxes that are widely being used right now. In a single place, you have information about clients, orders and reported complaints. The RMA system is being used in plenty of pioneer companies as a CRM system.

With our solution, you don’t have to switch between various customer systems, the RMA system can get you through all complaints processing steps, providing highly valuable customer feedback about products and orders. This feedback is very hard to acquire in common circumstances for example: multiple complaints containing the same product might detect major production flaws.

Aplikacja do obsługi zwrotów i reklamacji

RMA system reports

Control your costs and complaint reasons

Reports created in the RMA system provide information about customer’s complaints, product quality and logistics solutions. There are several report functionalities such as:

  • Display the number of complaints received in a defined date range
  • Detect most common complaint reasons
  • Verify accepted complaint costs
  • Calculate complaint cost, considering its reasons
  • Find reasons of most commonly accepted or rejected complaint
In case a company has multiple production facilities, reports can be aggregated by each one of them. This aggregation allows the detection of facilities with the highest customer service costs. The RMA system reports also provide in depth information about employees' work efficiency and decisions.

System access - Web and mobile application

Obtain quick access to information about your product or service. Verify if a specific product is commonly being complained about, draw conclusions and receive an answer - ‘Is the product faulty?’

Data verification and complaint processing

At the beginning of the process, the system is verifying input data to detect flaws in a complaint processing. Did the client provide all the necessary information and the warranty card?

Online product database synchronization

The RMA system allows you to create a database of products for your purchase catalog that is synchronized daily to keep it up to date.

Process complaints wisely

The RMA system allows you to make a decision for every single product that your client has submitted in his complaint. Fill notes about processing states to keep information for the future. We guarantee that this highly increases processing efficiency in both time and correctness of the decisions made regarding the complaint in question.

Register complaint data

The registered complaint contains its own processing card. This card allows you to display details about the complaint itself, submitted product details, user requests, attachments and processing status.

Processing optimisation

The system allows you to directly create workflow requests that allow you to delegate work to another company's department, such as logistics or accounting.

We make complaint processing easy

Oprogramowanie biurowe Oprogramowanie dla sklepu internetowego

RMA system is available for both Web and Mobile platforms.

The complaint system is adapted to every device!

Use the RMA system whenever and wherever you are. Log in with your credentials on your laptop, personal computer, smartphone or any other device with internet access or the RMA app installed. While using mobile devices you can access the RMA system offline and once your internet connection is established, data will be synchronized.

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