Let the robot do repetitive tasks for you.

What is UiPath robotics?

Robotization is the substitution of manual work with the work done by robots. The solutions offered by UiPath enable automation of work otherwise done by employees of many companies. UiPath provides a wide range of solutions to automate many processes. Robotization focuses mainly on financial services, banking, healthcare, retail and insurance industries. One platform provides multiple tools to digitize complex business processes. UiPath creates automation solutions to increase hiring of digital robots at various enterprises. Completing tasks by robots allows employees to save a lot of time. Document analysis is a solution developed by UiPath. By using it, you can automate document processing, increase efficiency of analyses and the speed of the whole operation. Artificial intelligence supports a wide range of documents, from passports and ID cards to various types of invoices and forms. In text analysis, robots can recognize more than 40 languages. The advanced OCR technology and special ML models allow robots to recognize handwriting, signatures, stamps, logos, stamps, barcodes and many other elements (even in a low-quality document). Using the UiPath solution, it is possible to process documents of various formats: PDF files, various images, Word and Excel files, HTML pages, XML and others. Robotization implemented by UiPath improves operations related to banking and financial services. Automation includes banking processes such as opening of bank accounts, granting mortgages and anti-money laundering. Robotization also enables the implementation of chatbots. Chatbots are often used on company websites as the first line of contact with clients.

Examples of work robotization suggested by UiPath

Work areas automated by UiPath robots:

  • document circulation,
  • control of payment sanctions,
  • verification of clients,
  • financial crime detection,
  • management of financial assets,
  • automation of patient data flow.
Examples of work robotization solutions in an enterprise:

  1. Document management includes automation of document processing. Client data is automatically updated in CLM systems. Using a solution developed by UiPath improves the data collection process. Robots are connected to e-mail inboxes, CLM systems and internal document repositories and download client data from them. Data captured this way is automatically updated in the CLM system. By using the UiPath solution, the person responsible for recording information in the CLM system no longer has to enter data manually.
  2. Identity verification - UiPath speeds up the document verification process. During identity verification, the system extracts the most important data from documents such as a driving license, passport or ID card. All data is automatically verified and checked for inconsistencies. The solution offered by UiPath is often used when setting up accounts for new users. Traditional customer identity verification is time-consuming and mistake-prone. Errors delay the completion time and result in customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the identity verification robotization solution. UiPath robotization eliminates mistakes common in manual verification.
  3. Improves the process of opening new bank accounts and authorizing transactions. The solution provided by UiPath helps financial institutions automate steps taken when opening a new bank account.
  4. Financial Cash Management. UiPath helps financial institutions automate and improve cash management operations such as check processing, validation and adding customer account balances. Robots download the necessary information from various systems, complete the required checks and validations, and update the internal company data. The use of robotization will significantly reduce the processing time for all transactions.
  5. Analysis of transfers made by clients. Performing the analysis using robotization allows you to check whether the funds are coming from a legitimate source of revenu.

Technical aspects of the product

Solutions offered by UiPath are based on artificial intelligence. Before the robotization process begins, the robot observes the user while they are doing the activity, which it is going to repeat later. Once the observation is complete, the robot repeats the action performed by the user, which finally leads to automation of the performed action. Using the capabilities of a robot that automatically performs repetitive actions helps businesses optimize costs and working time. Automation of business processes helps to increase the operational efficiency of a company. UiPath provides various types of robots. The robotization process can be under full human control, but there are also maintenance-free robots - working in the background. A company can choose one type of robotization or use a hybrid solution. Intelligent robots are trained by UiPath. A company that decides to use a robot in its work can further train it to adapt its operation to tasks specific to their company. The robot operation doesn't end with UiPath's ready-made solutions .Everyone in the company can have their own ideas about robotic work. A submission process - Automation Hub - allows you to collect ideas to automate your work. Practically every business process can be automated. The tools provided by the UiPath platform allow for the company's operations to be continuously monitored. Updated advanced analyses allow users to view the most important business and technical KPIs of processes performed by humans and robots. The UiPath platform maintains the highest security standards. Centralized data management, data segregation, access control and other security tools ensure that company and client data is always secure. Solutions offered by the UiPath platform can be easily integrated with various enterprise applications and APIs. The UiPath platform can be implemented locally or in the cloud and scaled without manual work. UiPath provides a cloud service for its users - UiPath cloud RPA.The enterprise can use it or remain using its own. The solutions offered by UiPath let you control robotic work and verify automated operations.